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5 Star Sports Trends Research Center

Your Source for Sports Gambling Research

Start Handicapping Like a Pro

  • Do you place wagers without knowing the reason why?

  • Do you place wagers based on questionable information?

  • Do you place wagers based on gut instincts?

Pro's Don't Wager Like That...Only Rookies

Do you know the one thing that all successful
sports handicappers agree on?

When it comes to wagering on sporting events� 

You Can Make Money Only If You Can Identify the Most Profitable Situations!!


My name is Greg Sullivan. I founded the Sports Trends Research Center with one goal in mind. To provide you with the freshest, most accurate, biggest database of sports trends on the planet! 

With the Sports Trends Research Center 

  • You will find the most profitable situations

  • You will win more consistently

  • You will find the most consistent trends year in and year out

  • You will save time researching

In fact, let's cut to the chase.

Here's how we can help you make money!

Our Research Center contains a searchable 19 year NFL and NCAA Football database on 206 Situational Criteria and 324 Fundamental Criteria. Our Research Team is composed of handicappers like You!

Our Sports Trends Research Center works because every query a handicapper runs on our database is evaluated and only the most profitable high percentage trends are stored in our Master Library. Now you don't have to discover all the profitable trends on your own! Everyone benefits from everyone's research!

In addition, you will be able to click on a game in the daily schedule and see all the trends that apply for any matchup you may interested in researching.

Imagine doing the following: 

  • Answering any situational and fundamental question you have

  • Sifting through the Master Library of Trends for only the highest performing trends

  • Knowing which Sides or Totals are most likely pay out

  • Placing your wager with total confidence knowing you are on the correct side

Now watch your bankroll grow!!

If you're ready to get started making more money by finding the most profitable situations week in and week out, click here NOW to order your membership to the
5 Star Sports Trends Research Center.

I hate hype, so I'll give it to you straight.

Our Sport Trends Research Center is either for you or it's not. So, to save you time and aggravation, I'm going to give you the facts. Then you decide if this will make you money.

Here's what the Sport Trends Research Center can do for you

  • Save you time in identifying the most profitable situations against the spread.

  • Save you money by telling your current pricey Guru goodbye. He won't be needed anymore.

  • Build your bankroll with confidence knowing why you are wagering.

  • Save even more time by benefiting from everyone's research.

  • Become the guru of the office, they will be coming to you for information!

Here's what you can do with the Sports Trends Research Center:

Let's say you want to know how often a home team underdog covers the spread after a loss if they have averaged 120 yards rushing per game for the past three games. 

By combining our Situational and Fundamental searches, you can zero in on the exact situation as it has come up in past years and determine just how profitable teams have been in this exact situation.

  • Select: Regular Season

  • Type 1,99 for Spread. This tells the search to consider all games where the home team is getting points. In this case, all Underdogs.

  • Select: Loss for One Game Back, Home Team

  • Select: 3 games back for Fundamental Search Criteria

  • Type: 120,999 for Avg Rushing Yards for Home Team. This tells the search to consider only games where the previous 3 game average is 120 yards or more.

  • Hit Enter and View the Results!

Any question you have can be done with a couple of clicks of the mouse with the Sports Trends Research Center.

If you tried to do that search by hand, you'd spend hours maybe even days sorting through the data and only if you are organized!

We've made the Sports Trend Research Center super easy to use. Just look at the work we've done to make your searching easier!

On our Search Menu's, there are 530 fields of information you can use for your searches. What does this mean to you? It means more fields of searchable data for you to CUSTOMIZE your search results that meet YOUR needs. You are NOT limited by what I think you need�you pick and choose what you want to search for.

You get your results in seconds AND each game that meets your search criteria are hyperlinked! Why is this important�. So you can verify that your search worked properly and see all the individual game box scores and stats for each game displayed for your search criteria! You can easily scroll back through the team's previous games all the way to the beginning of the season to discover even more patterns to search with a single click of the mouse.

You will save time with your Sports Trend Research Center searches since all individual game information opens in a new browser window. This way you login just once and search as many times as you want!

To make sure the information you get is as accurate and up to date as possible, our database is updated daily. Plus we update our Master Library of Sports Trends everytime new data is added to the database. All other searchable sports databases update their data once a month, if that!

And only the Sports Trend Research Center Master Library has our own unique "Trend Rating"! Our "Trend Rating" system tells you how profitable a trend has been year in and year out. A trend with a winning percentage of 70% ATS doesn't mean much if it is only profitable 50% of the time on a yearly basis.

Now you can identify Super Trends that are profitable not only a high percentage of the time but also profitable year after year. Imagine being able to play trends that are profitable 70% of the time and have been profitable 14 out of 17 years! . 

It just doesn't get any easier than this. Click on a selected game from today's schedule and you will find all the relevent trends that apply to that game! Your Trend Report will include trends for All ATS Sides, All Over/Under, and all Team trends that apply to that game!

It doesn't get any easier to find the exact information you need quickly!

Click Here To Order Now

Click here to see a sample search of our
Situational and Fundamental Search Page

Roger Jameson knows what a huge time saver the 5 Star Sports Trends Research Center is. In fact, Roger recently said�

"One of the biggest headaches in gambling community is doing research and updating all the stats each day. After that, now you have to start looking for answers to relavent questions. Is the team I want to play in a good general situation?...Is there a subset of this general situation that make this team more attractive?...By the time that is done, there isn't any time to consider the fundamental questions I have. Now all I have to is go to your wonderful database and find the answers! You've saved me a lot of wasted time that I could be spending researching the local newspapers for motivational and emotional factors!"- Roger Jameson 

Let's recap what you get

  • 19 Year Searchable database for Regular season and Playoffs/Bowl games for the NFL and NCAA Football

  • Customize your searches to answer YOUR specific customized questions!

  • Search by Situational Criteria

  • Search by Fundamental Criteria

  • Search the Master Library of Trends and display trends according to ATS %, Trend Rating, Over/Under Spread %

  • Clickable game schedule to see all relavent trends that apply to that game

  • All individual games meeting your search criteria are hyperlinked so you can see the game results just like it is in the newspaper

  • Search back capabilities for each individual game for home team and opponent all the way back to the beginning of the season

  • Search by multiple criteria at one time for Situational and Fundamental Search Criteria

  • Super-fast search capabilities

  • And much, much more!

When you need

  • Reliable information

  • To find winners with less effort

  • To save time by finding profitable situations fast

  • To get the results you want quickly and easily, without any hassle

You need the Sports Trends Research Center!

All this for less than
the cost of lunch each day!

Click here to order now

Everyone does the research �

and everyone makes money!!

Just listen to what John Cyzanski has to say about the Sports Trends Research Center.

"The Sports Trend Research Center is your ultimate resource. If you're interested in finding Winners this is the place to be and it is offered to you at a very reasonable price."

-John Cyzanski

When you need up to date game information, you can spend weeks trying to find it yourself, or you can become our latest Research Member to join the Sports Trends Research Center Team.

After all, when you need information� you need it now!!

You've seen what we can do for you. Now it's your turn to decide.

  • Do you want to find consistent winners over the long term?

  • Do you want to save time by searching hundreds of sports trends with one click of the mouse?

  • Do you want to know why you are wagering on a team, and wager with confidence?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, becoming an active team member of the Sports Trend Research Center Team is for you. It only costs a couple of dollars a day to tap into the full research potenetial of the Sports Trends Research Center. You have absolutely nothing to lose and a bankroll to gain with your membership to the Sports Trends Research Team.

You may be saying, "This sounds great Greg, but what does it cost?"

Here's the best news of all!

There are three levels of membership to the Sports Trend Research Center!!

  • Bronze: Access to our searchable database for only $14.95 per month
    ($.50 per day)

  • Silver: Bronze plan plus access to the Master Library of Trends for only $24.95 per month ($.83 per day)

  • Gold: Bronze and Silver plans plus access to the daily schedule of games and with one click you will get a Trend Report for any game you select for only $34.95 per month ($1.17 per day)

  • How do I keep that price so low? It's simple really. I believe in giving you real value for your money.

    I'm not going to inflate the price so I can trick you with some "sale ends in 24 hours" gimmick.

    I am going to provide you with up to the minute information that will help you research faster, find the most profitable situations, and let you wager with confidence. And I'll offer you the best sports wagering resource available online today � the Sports Trends Research Center.

    The first is still the best.

    • If you're serious about winning.

    • If you want the best resource money can buy.

    • If you want access to hundreds of High Percentage Sports Trends.

    Grab the best tool in the business �

    Activate your membership to the
    Sports Research Center TODAY!

    To Your Success in Sports Wagering,

    Greg Sullivan
    Founder & CEO
    5 Star Sports Trends

    P.S. As always, if you're not completely satisfied with the Sports Trends Research Center, we'll cheerfully refund your membership fee, no questions asked.

    P.S.S. If you join one of our Approved Sportsbooks and open up an account for $100, you qualify for a 20% discount. How can I do this? I have arranged with selected sportsbooks who meet our highest standards of excellence to pay the difference if you join with them. See HERE for our approved list. Just drop me a line with your NEW account Number and I will provide you a unique link to reflect your discount!

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